22-365 Sunset

Today’s Mandala

“Every sunset
is an opportunity to reset.”

— Richie Norton

“Beautiful sunsets
need cloudy skies”

— Paulo Coelho

“Sunsets are proof
that endings
can be beautiful too.”

— Beau Taplin

Today’s MotD reminds us to celebrate sunsets. They symbolize completions, cycles, mystery, calm, and beauty. They transform our days into nights. They remind us that we are floating in space on a giant rock that rotates 24 hours a day, 365-6 days a year. They also remind us how precious our days are. It’s not guaranteed that we’ll have another one tomorrow.

Our challenge becomes embracing our days as the gifts that they are…regardless of how our day went…they all have value on some level. Whenever possible, we are encouraged to watch a sunset. When we do, the sun will remind us that “I see you and I hope to see you again tomorrow.”

Thus concludes the 2022 Mandala of the Day. Thank you for following along. They will continue in 2023…with a different look and feel. My hope is that you will join me in coloring mandalas for 365 days. More on this tomorrow.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:


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