290 – Pilot Butte Mandala

On a recent trip to Bend, OR, my husband and I discovered that within its boundaries, you can drive (or walk/run) to the top of a 500′ tall extinct volcano known as Pilot Butte. It’s our MotD because from an aerial view, we can see that it forms a mandala…around the base and at the observation plateau at the top.

Coconut Octopus - photo by Marcelle Johannes

289 – Coconut Octopus Mandala

They call this stunning creature a Coconut Octopus. Jakarta, Indonesia based photographer, Marcelle Johannes, captured this shot on his first dive at at Lembeh Strait and posted it on his flickr site.

Sand Labyrinth Mandala

288 – Sand Labyrinth Mandala

Oregon labyrinth designer, Denny Dyke of Circles in the Sand, drew out this fantastic sand labyrinth entitled “Rock My Sol” at Face Rock, Bandon, Oregon, on April 26, 2015. Photographed by Pamela Hansen, this photo captures this beautiful labyrinth, which brings this whole beach to life with its powerful design and energy.

Global Earth Star by Brian Porter

284 – Global Earth Star Mandala

Oregon artist and energy healer, Brian Porter, created this beautiful geometric art piece called Global Earth Star as part of a series of called Soul Time Stars. It consists of three concentric 24 pointed star (14″ diameter) with copper foil tape on plexiglass. When placed in a window, during the daytime, the color comes into the space and at night, if there is a light on in the room, the color goes out into the world.