97 – Spires Mandalas

Spires Mandalas - airpano.com
Spires Mandalas – airpano.com

What a delightful find for today’s MotD!

This amazing photograph shows us what we rarely see of a very famous, often visited site. What seems so serious and beautiful from its usual viewpoint, is actually quite delightful and fun from overhead. How lucky for the birds!

We normally see St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow from this perspective, as this spectacular photograph by Andrew Petcher demonstrates from his 2014 post on “another bag more travel” blog site.

St. Basil's Cathedral - photo by Andrew Pretcher
St. Basil’s Cathedral – photo by Andrew Petcher

While the cathedral is quite the magnificent architectural achievement, it makes me wonder if the architects secretly knew that it would be a joy to see and experience from overhead.

On a metaphorical level, it reminds us to view things from all perspectives…we may find an unexpected treasure in the process.

Happy Coloring!

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