118 – Oudemansiella Mucida Mandala

Oudemansiella Mucida Mandala - Photo by
Oudemansiella Mucida Mandala – Photo by Agorastos Paptsanis 

Who knew mushrooms could be so stunningly beautiful. Apparently, Greek photography, Agorastos Papatsanis, did and does.

From the January 2, 2015 National Geographic Your Shot Photo of the day post Agorastos states:

“I am a big fan of mushrooms. …On one of my autumn excursions in the beech forest, I found this amazing porcelain fungus (Oudemansiella mucida). I was drawn to their cyclic hats with the radial paths of the gills, the amazing porcelain texture, and the combination of rain and sun. I used the available bright sunlight as a backlight and enhanced it with an off-camera flash to create this atmosphere.”

What a remarkable photo. Normally when we see mushrooms or images of them, we see them from the top or sides. This photo from the underside, shows us a whole different (and in this case, exquisite) side of mushrooms.

I love the texture, patterns and rhythm of the gills. The backdrop of rain and sunlight really make the mushrooms shine. The water drops just about to come off the caps adds a bit of delicate drama to the scene.


Happy Coloring!

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