137 – Puffy Dandelion Mandala

Puffy Dandelion Mandala - photograph by Perelandra-Ltd.com
Puffy Dandelion Mandala – photograph by Perelandra-Ltd.com

On March 31, I presented the “Yellow Dandelion Mandala” from its flower perspective. Yesterday I decided I would showcase it from its puffy white seed perspective.

I know we grownups usually find these annoying when we spot them in our yards. Just for today, though, how about we time travel to our childhoods when we used to make wishes on them as we blew the little helicopter-like seeds into the air…watching them float away.

On a side note…

While contemplating today’s MotD…I began to wonder…how DOES it do that? How does it go from a somewhat flat, solid yellow flower to a puffy, delicate white sphere. I realized that I notice dandelions as a flowers and then I notice them as puff balls. I seem to always miss the transition phase.

Thankfully, some people on the interweb, including Neil Bromhall here, posted time lapsed videos of just that. Fascinating stuff!

Let us recapture the magic of this delightful, persistent gift of nature.

Happy Coloring!

If you would like your mandala to be considered for the “Mandala of the Day”, read how on the Participate page. It’s easy!  Or recommend one you’ve seen via my Contact page.

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