192 – Toroidal Vortex Mandala

Toroidal Vortex
Toroidal Vortex

Today’s MotD comes to us via Dolphins making and playing with bubble rings (toroidal vortices). Torenheksje uploaded this video to youtube.com that was originally filmed and editted by chiajungchi.

How beautiful and at the same time…how fun. It’s amazing how they figured out how to make these. I love how they play around with them both by themselves and with other dolphins. They certainly know, and show us all, how to play well with others. A+

About Bubble Rings…

There are two main methods of bubble ring production: rapid puffing of a burst of air into the water and allowing it to rise to the surface, forming a ring; or creating a toroidal vortex with their flukes and injecting a bubble into the helical vortex currents thus formed. The dolphin will often then examine its creation visually and with sonar. They will sometimes play with the bubbles, distorting the bubble rings, breaking smaller bubble rings off of the original or splitting the original ring into two separate rings using their beak. They also appear to enjoy biting the vortex-rings they’ve created, so that they burst into many separate normal bubbles and then rise quickly to the surface. Dolphins also have the ability to form bubble rings with their flukes by using the reservoir of air at the surface. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubble_ring

I’m inspired to make bubbles today!

Happy Coloring!

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