228 – Yin Yang Mandala

Here is a different take on the Yin Yang symbol…watching it being created on a 3-dimensional circle as posted by The Resonance Project on their youtube.com page.

I love watching how in a very mathematical way they create this most beautiful and powerful of universal symbols.

Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts.[3]

I really appreciate The Resonance Project’s vision statement:

Our vision is of a world wherein the dynamics of the inter-relationship of all things and their forces are revealed through a Unified view of Physics, informing the development of technological and social systems that bring humankind into a harmonious relationship with Nature, the Earth and the Universe as a whole.

This video offers an interesting perspective of duality; demonstrating cooperation and harmony between two opposites from the inside out…coming together as one.

Happy Coloring!

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