244 – Mother Nature Mandala

Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn
Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn
London, England

Wow! Today’s MotD just blows me away! Italian sculptor, Lorenzo Quinn, created a series of exquisite bronze pieces entitled: Force of Nature. Inspired by the destructive power of hurricanes in Thailand and the US from a few years back, Lorenzo depicts nature as she hurtles earth around in circles.

From his web site, he states this about his series:

We humans think of ourselves as supreme beings, above all others and in absolute control of our destiny and our surroundings. We live with a false sense of security only to be awakened by Mother Nature’s fury, almost as if she needs to remind us of her presence and our responsibility towards her child (The Earth).

Slightly different versions of this piece have been displayed around the world, including England, the United States, Monaco, and Singapore.

Just looking at this image, I can feel the immense power and drama of this piece. It boggles my mind as to how he created it and then a part of me says “stop trying to figure it out…and just let it engulf you.”

Happy Coloring!

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