263 – Galeries Lafayette Mandala

Galeries Lafayette - XDaysinY.com
Galeries Lafayette – XDaysinY.com

One would think this grand stained glass window would be found in some spectacular cathedral or museum…one would be wrong. This amazing ceilings sits atop the Galeries Lafayette, a 100+ year old luxury department store in Paris, France. Avichai, of XdaysinY.com, photographed this ceiling as part of his online article entitled “Visiting The Musée Jacquemart-André.”

From UntappedCities.com (they also include some under construction photos):

Inaugurated on 8 October 1912 the great glass dome of Galeries Lafayette was designed by architect Ferdinand Chanut who introduced a new circular concept of space. The stained glass windows in the dome were designed by Jacques Gruber. The central hall with its balconies, monumental staircase and the Dome with its soft light formed a tiered theatre-like ensemble at the centre of the store and perfectly suits the requirement of the founding owner Théophile Bader to create a “luxury bazaar”.

Photographer, Emmanuel Bévia, offers up this great photo of what sits under the dome…this is not your average department store.

Galeries Lafayette - Emmanuel Bévia
Galeries Lafayette – Emmanuel Bévia

And I just had to include one more photo, this one taken by Carin Olsson, of ParisInFourMonths.com. It showcases some of the details of the window and the surrounding architecture. Magnificent!  (be sure to click on this photo for a larger view)

Galeries Lafayette - Carin Olsson
Galeries Lafayette – Carin Olsson

More great photos of this extraordinary building can be found at www.ParisArchitecture.info

This is definitely going on my must-visit-in-person list.

Happy Coloring!

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