300 – Ravyn’s Song Mandala

Ancient Art of Stone wall mural
created by Ancient Art of Stone – 32′ long and 8′ high

Canadian artists Naomi Zettl & Andreas Kunert, of Ancient Art of Stone, created this masterpiece of stone mosaic mural art entitled Ravyn’s Song, named after Andreas’ daughter.

What a stunning piece of art. I love the powerful flow of energy swirling around two stone mandalas with a multitude of smooth curved stones weaving in and around the entire piece.

International Artist, Master Stone Mosaicist, Visionary & Channel, Andreas Kunert and Artist, Therapeutic Teacher, Intuitive Channel, Naomi Zettle, state this about their creative partnership:

Our aspiration in coming together, is to create sacred spaces, portals and other connective works of art that allow our clients and viewers a visual glimpse of the other-side, what is invisible to our human eyes but felt within.

Ravyn's Song - full view
Ravyn’s Song – full view

About this piece, which is situated in the lobby at the Gordon Street entrance of the Port of Nanaimo Centre (housing the Vancouver Island Conference Center and the new Nanaimo Museum) in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, they state:

Open to interpretation, this piece speaks of spirit, of fluidity, of music, of flight, of a society of mixed races and cultures, united by shared concern, living in harmony at the edge of land and sea.

Someday, when I’m blessed with a trip to Vancouver Island, I look forward to being in the presence of this awesome piece called Ravyn’s Song.

Happy Coloring!

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