313 – Ripples Mandala

Ripples - photo by Alexandre Gendron
Ripples – photo by Alexandre Gendron

I love this exquisitely elegant photograph that powerfully demonstrates the beauty and power of reflection. I find it intriguing how all but the ripples (mandalas) of the water reflect each other.

French photographer, Alexandre Gendron, submitted this photo of Lake Wanaka in New Zealand to National Geographic’s 2015 Photo Contest, which they showcased on their Photo of the Day site on October 23.

About this photo Alexandre states:

“I [had taken] too many photographs of this tree,” Gendron says, “[but my friend] suggested I climb a tree to take a photo … from another point of view. It was a brilliant idea, as I’ve never seen any photograph of this tree taken from [15 feet] high.” The result? “Here is the final picture. It’s all about changing your point of view!”

Yes it is! And Alexandre inspires me (and hopefully you) with what he states on his web site about FEAR:

Fear is the only barrier to reach all of your dreams. I’ve been homeless, I’ve been starving, yes… but i used to live in the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, I’ve had very well paid jobs, that I quit as well to keep traveling, I met so many awesome people, I’ve been in love, I’ve been depressed, I’ve been happy and I’ve been sad, I missed a lot of people and family but I never gave up and after all of those experiences I’m here now, hiking to the summit of mountains and volcanoes or walking in stunning sceneries next to a lake to take photographs, my real passion and guess what… I’m still alive, really happy and don’t have nay regrets. Life is an experiment. Life is a game. Play it! You are allowed to make mistakes! Each success is just the result of few failures.

Follow your dreams, every experience, pleasant or unpleasant, is building who you really are. Accept it as it is and trust it.

Everything is gonna be alright.

Wise words to live & thrive by.

Happy Coloring!

The Mandala Lady

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