2016-032 – Artichoke Mandala

Artichoke - photo by Christina's Cucina
Artichoke – photo by Christina’s Cucina

This week’s MotD theme: Foods in the Raw

Look at this gorgeous artichoke photographed by Christina Conte, of Christina’s Cucina. Back in 2014 she and some of her blogger colleagues visited Baroda Farms in Lompoc California, where they experienced a grand tour of this amazing artichoke farm.

About her trip to Baroda Farms:

I thought I’d died and gone to artichoke heaven. Seriously. I cannot describe to you my feelings after stepping in between the rows and rows of artichoke plants, with perfectly formed, purple Sangria artichokes popping up to the heavens for as far as the eye could see. It was surreal.

I understand her love and appreciation of artichokes…both from a culinary and visual perspective. If you look closely at this beautiful artichoke you’ll notice that instead of leaves layered in concentric rows, they actually spiral outward in a pattern known as the fibonacci series.

When we examine the whole artichoke we find it to be an incredibly complex mix of edible and inedible parts. Unlike the orange where you can peel away the rind to then eat the entire insides, eating an artichoke involves a well-worth-it process.

image source: www.flickr.com/photos/firefly64/5864031933/
image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/firefly64/5864031933/

Once cooked, we can eat the meatier, more tender part towards the bottom of each outer leaf, being careful of the prickly thorn on the leaf’s tip (it’s a good idea to trim those off before cooking). The leaves near the center become more tender making them completely edible. Then as we arrive at the delicious center, we remove the inedible “choke” to reveal and devour the very delectable heart. And if you’re willing to do the extra work, within the tough outer stem you can scrap out and enjoy its meaty, yummy center.

Inspiration for Today

Christina’s artichoke presents a wonderful example of how we can approach our whole complex being-ness. As we examine ourselves more closely, we can chose to toss out or better yet, transform, the “inedible” (negative) thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and thoroughly enjoy and build upon the more delicious “edible” (positive) thoughts and beliefs about ourselves.

Happy Coloring!

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