2016-174 – Green Anemone Mandalas

Green Anemone - photo by Steve Morey
Green Anemones – photo by Steve Morey

This week’s MotD theme: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Wordsmith, naturalist, and nature photographer, Steve Morey, of The Outer Shores, shot this colorful photo of a string of bright green anemones off the coast of Oregon. I love how the purple starfish beautifully complements the gorgeous green of the anemones.

I have to admit when thinking about green things, I initially thought of more above-ground images. Then a facebook friend posted a photo she took of green anemones while on the Oregon coast. That broadened my eyes a bit to consider the possibility of finding green under the sea.

About this particular image and how anemones handle the sand, he states

It’s just a narrow strip of low lying rocks. It barely sticks out of the sand – takes a pounding from the surf and periodically gets buried by building sands. I have walked past these rocks for years without paying much attention. That’s not surprising; they don’t look too promising.

By promising, I mean big reefs and gaudy displays in crystal tide pools, like the one featured in the image above.

Not so on shallow rocky spines where tide pools, if they exist at all, are meager and sand scouring and sand burying are dominant themes. There are two common anemones on the low rocks featured in this post. The big green one is Anthopleura xanthogrammica, a familiar tide pool anemone. It goes by common names like giant green or green surf anemone. I wouldn’t call it solitary, but they don’t crowd and can get large by anemone standards.

View more of Steve’s coastal finds via his animals, plants and algea page.

Inspiration for Today

Steve’s string of anemones encourages us to broaden our horizons, to think beyond our common knowledge, to be open to surprises where we least expect them.

Happy Coloring!

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