2016-179 – Chartres Labyrinth Mandala

Labyrinth in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres in France
Labyrinth in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres in France
photo by Sylvain Sonnet |Corbis

This week’s MotD Theme: A MAZE Zing Journey

Professional photographer Sylvain Sonnet captures this extraordinary photo of the labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, in Chartres, France. The labyrinth is 12.9 metres (42.3 ft.) in diameter, fills the width of the nave and is believed to have been construction between 1215-1221.

From Loyola University Chicago Medieval Studies page about this labyrinth it states:

The cathedral itself is a celebration of geometry, and taking the celestial implications made by both its location and its central rosette, one can expand the symbolism of the labyrinth further, tying it in with Chartres’ great rose window that depicts the Final Judgment.  An eschatological history lesson is being taught.  Christ suffered on earth (the nave) and then descended into Hell (the labyrinth), but he defeated death and ascended into heaven, where one day he will judge all of mankind.  Accordingly, the labyrinth points to the moment that the “new God” saved humanity, but when connected with the rose window, it represents a call for repentance.

For a fascinating (and in depth) article about it, check out The Mystery of the Great Labyrinth Chartres Cathedral.

Inspiration For Today

At the end of the “Mystery” article, they placed this quote:

For a soul may not stand still always in one state while that it is in the flesh; for it is either profiting in grace, or impairing in sin. – Walter Hilton

While the quote may be a bit extreme, it and the labyrinth encourage us to move forward along our path in grace, even if it’s only one small step.

Happy Coloring!

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