2016-181 – Gravestone Maze Mandala

Arkville Maze - photo by sleepinggardens.blogspot.com
Arkville Maze – photo by sleepinggardens.blogspot.com

This week’s MotD Theme: A MAZE Zing Journey

Graveyard enthusiast, Taphophilia Catafalque, of Sleeping Gardens, captured this intriguing gravestone photo of English artist and writer, Michael Ayrton, located in St Botolph’s, Hadstock. He designed this maze and wrote the book “The Maze Maker“…

in which he dramatizes some of his conjectures about King Minos’s maze and its meaning. He gives it a dual center (“two chambers separated by a maze within a maze”) and adds that “these rooms were conceived as symbols of the juxtaposition of the sun and the moon. The maze between them took exactly as long to penetrate as the time when the sun and moon may be seen in the sky together on the day at the center of the year.” As for the maze’s coiling shape, it was inspired by ancient memories of primitive man’s wonder at the entrails that spilled from slaughtered men and animals. (from madamepickwickartblog.com/2012/05/a-maze-ing-of-minotaurs-and-men/)

In Taphophilia’s blog post about this gravestone, she states:

Ayrton wrote and created many works associated with the myths of the Minotaur and Daedalus, the legendary inventor and maze builder, including a bronze sculpture and the pseudo-autobiographical novel “The Maze Maker.”

Interestingly enough, that same maze appears in Arkville, NY as photographed from Air Photographer, Georg Gerster. From a Daily Star article from 2008, it states:

The late Armand G. Erpf built the brick-and-concrete maze in the 1960s.

According to a Time magazine article from Aug. 15, 1969, Erpf decided he wanted to have a maze on his 500-acre property in the Catskills and hired Michael Ayrton, an English sculptor, architect and author of “The Maze Maker,” to design the structure.

Ayrton said that the Erpf maze was the largest maze in the world. The maze contains 1,680 feet of passageway, with brick walls running from six to eight feet in height, according to the Time article.

Arkville Maze in NY - photo by Georg Gerster
Arkville Maze in NY – photo by Georg Gerster

View more of Georg Gerster’s air photography via his online gallery.

Inspiration For Today

Today’s MotD demonstrates how one idea can expand and grow into many variations of itself. What started as a book in England, turned into huge stone maze in New York , and then finally a copper version set into a gravestone back in England after Aryton’s death.

It’s time to download those ideas floating in our heads, to make them into reality in our 3D world. Who knows how many people await our expressions of creativity so that they too become inspired to create and build upon their version of that one idea!

Happy Coloring!

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