2016-201 – Malachite in Mesquite Mandala

Malachite in Mesquite by Lynne Yamaguchi
Malachite in Mesquite by Lynne Yamaguchi

This Week’s MotD Theme: Sticks & Stones

A maker of sculptural wood vessels, Lynne Yamaguchi, turned this exquisite mesquite bowl with malachite inlays. Look how she used the lines within the wood as her guide to shape this simple, yet elegant, bowl. Amazing. And for any flaws within the wood, she inlayed them with beautiful green malachite, elevating it from a mere wooden bowl to a stunning expression of art.

Malachite in Mesquite by Lynne Yamaguchi
Malachite in Mesquite by Lynne Yamaguchi

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Inspiration For Today

On her site, Lynne states:

For me, in woodturning, perfection is not some artificial ideal but an expression of the wood’s essential nature, flaws and all, and one’s ability to see (and commit to) the perfection present in the raw chunk of wood is a tool that must be honed as sharp as any gouge.

Lynne’s perfect bowl encourages us to embrace the perfection in our essential human nature, flaws and all.

Happy Coloring!

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