2016-203 – Sticks and Stones Mandala in Color

Sticks and Stones Mandala in Color by Maureen Frank
Sticks and Stones Mandala in Color by Maureen Frank

This week’s MotD theme: Sticks and Stones

I present my coloring/painting of this week’s Mandala of the Week: Sticks and Stones (from Sunday’s MotD post). When I sat down to paint this week’s mandala, I saw it as having a gradient blue background with all the larger stones being different colors and the branches being somewhat realistic in their colors. For the little stones, their color came to me just before I painted them. I saw them as baby stones, like buds, still green and waiting to blossom into their bright future color upon their maturity.

Inspiration for Today

Today’s mandala reminds us to stay rock-solid in our self-belief, our self-worth, our self-integrity. Let it be our strength to stay grounded and confident in knowing that regardless of what comes our way, we can handle it, we can stay true to ourselves, we can remind ourselves that we are whole and complete just as we are.

At the same, this mandala encourages us to seek growth and expansion in all areas of our lives, to stretch the envelop, to aim for our infinite potentiality and beyond!

Happy Coloring!

If you would want your mandala or your idea for a mandala to be considered for the “Mandala of the Day”, read about how on the Participate page. It’s easy! Or recommend one you’ve seen via my Contact page.


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