2016-279 – Little Dome Home Mandala

Little Dome Home by Steve Areen
Little Dome Home by Steve Areen

This week’s MotD theme: Round Homes

This delightful round home in Thailand actually consists of many round components. World traveler, musician and photographer, Steve Areen, worked with a local builder of dome homes in Thailand to create this circular retreat home of his own with his own added features.

About his round home, Steve states:

In 2011 I had a wonderful visit with my friend Hajjar Gibran. For years he has inspired me with his creative ideas. This time he was building domes at his retreat center in northeast Thailand. He and his wife offered me a spot on their mango farm to build my own dome.

With Hajjar’s guidance and design ideas, along with my own, and his son-in-law Tao’s masonry skills, I had my dome home up and painted in six weeks.

Home Sweet Dome Home! by Steve Areen
Home Sweet Dome Home! by Steve Areen

About future homes, he states:

Now the goal is to take this design ..which is quick, affordable, strong, beautiful and fun, ..and build with more sustainable materials that better insulate for colder climates.

At the moment I have no plans or blue prints to share, however, Hajjar and I are working on an improved building method and hope to provide helpful information soon.

View photos of its construction and photos of the completed project.

Inspiration for Today

Steve’s dome home inspires us to work with our environment, our situation, from wherever or whatever it is rather than forcing our limited perceptions on how we think it should be.

Happy Coloring!

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