2016-303 – Finnish Crown Mandala

Crown of Finland - source: Karin Parker
Crown of Finland – source: Karin Parker
Kemi Gemstone Gallery

This week’s MotD theme: Crowning Glory

This close-up image of the Crown of Finland comes to us from an unlikely source: a blog site, Pikku Punapippuri, about a family of cats and in particular a post by Karin Parker in 2014 about Queen Kitty Cat’s questions of her royal subjects. Delightful and fascinating read.

Also fascinating is that this crown was never worn by a human king. From Pica Léla:

Finland declared independence from the former Russian empire in 1917 and Prince Frederik Charles of Hesse was elected for the new throne.

Unfortunately for Frederik, the politics surrounding the end of World War I forced the Finnish prime minister to ask Frederik to give up the crown just a month after he was elected.

Finland then became a republic and the actual crown was name made (a replica was made in the 1980s based on the original drawings).

Check out wikipedia’s page regarding the brief “Kingdom Of Finland (1918)”

Inspiration for Today

When deciding on what’s best to do in a given situation, remember to add the perspective of the “greater good of all” into the equation, because often times what’s for the greater good also serves our greater good us well.

Happy Coloring!

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