2017-003: Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate - photo by Anton
Crazy Lace Agate (10,3×5,9×2,2cm) – photo by Anton

This Week’s Theme: Agate

Agate enthusiast, collector, and photographer Anton, captured this delightful image of a crazy lace agate found in Mexico. It contains all sizes and styles of mandala-like patterns. Mother Nature is so cool!

From CrystalsAndJewelry.com:

Crazy Lace Agate is a balancing and protecting stone. It brings laughter and absorbs emotional pain. Crazy Lace Agate is used to help with decision making by balancing the physical, emotional, and mental so that it is easy to make decisions. It also helps one stay focused. It is generally a protective stone, but is particularly emotionally protective.

View more of Anton’s stunning agate photos via his Flickr site.

Inspiration for Today

Letting go helps us to to live in a more peaceful state of mind and helps restore our balance. It allows others to be responsible for themselves and for us to take our hands off situations that do not belong to us. This frees us from unnecessary stress.
~ Melody Beattie

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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