2017-004: Fire Agate

Fire Agates - DifferentSeasonsJewelry.com
Fire Agates – DifferentSeasonsJewelry.com

This Week’s Theme: Agate

Jessa and Mark Anderson, of Different Seasons Jewelry, photographed these vibrant fire agates from Aguas Calientes Mexico. It’s fascinating that regardless of the stone’s shape, it maintains a circular pattern within it.

From their web site about fire agates:

Fire Agate is described as a variety of agate containing inclusions of goethite or limonite, producing an iridescent effect or “fire”.

The color layers are often described like breath on a pane of glass. The thin layers in this material diffract light back to the eye in rainbow patterns of red, green, yellow and blue. The beautiful colors in fire agate may appear as tiny pinpoints, bubbles, bull’s eyes, flashes, specks, swirls or even as a combination of patterns making for endless possibilities. The world’s fire agate deposits stretch from southwest United States to northern Mexico.

From CrystalsandJewelry.com:

Fire agate is a stone of courage, protection, and strength. Mystical lore says that it relieves fears, halts gossip and even reflects any threat of harm back to the source.

View more of their fire agates via their Agate Album on Flickr.

Inspiration for Today

To be courageous means to be afraid but to go a little step forward anyway. ~ Beverly Smith

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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