2017-158: Antique Spinning Wheel Mandala

Holyoke Spinning Wheel - source: Hypercycloid.blogspot.com/
Holyoke Spinning Wheel
source: Hypercycloid.blogspot.com

This Week’s Theme: Wheels.

From Hypercycloid.blogspot.com comes this rare antique Holyoke spinning wheel she affectionately calls a “mythic beast” of which only 6 are known to be in existence. “Hypercycloid” found and bought this one in Quebec and spent a lot of time and effort restoring it. I love the simple, curvy design of the overall wheel and how the pedal is the most ornate piece of the machine.

About this wheel she states:

…the Holyoke wheel has tilt-tensioning.  A thumbscrew forces the flyer assembly away from the drive wheel, tightening the drive band.  In each of the six wheels, there are design variations, including small changes in the tensioning system.  Variations also appear in the treadle design (wood treadle, “bear claw” iron treadle like mine, or traditional iron treadle).  Some of the surviving wheels have a spring-loaded MOA for holding and releasing the flyer, and at least one wheel has a flyer made of metal.

About herself she states that she is a

teacher, student, tutor, mentor, math geek, budding glass artist, classical pianist, lifelong fiber artist, rescuer of antique spinning wheels, amateur pontist, intact motorcyclist, 5.11 climber, mad fan of lindy hop, New England transplant.


“The music of the spinning wheel will be as balm to your soul.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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