22-039 Orbs

Today’s Mandala

Orbs are confirmation that we are guided
and protected by unseen energy.”
— Vannessa Williams

Orbs…can be of a loved one, friends,
spirit guides which we all have,
different types of angelic beings like
fairies, angels, archangels, ascended
masters…animals/pets and more.
All good and of love and light.”
— Guy Dusseault

Orbs caught on camera or in photos
show a visit from Spirit or your Angels.
It is a reminder that the souls of
your loved ones remain with you always.”
— Matt Fraser

Today’s MotD wants to share the idea of mystical magical things such as orbs…you know the ones usually seen in photos? During several video recordings of her tarot card readings (Maryann of Revealing Light Tarot), orbs can seen moving across and behind her. The website SignsofourLovedOnes.com displays quite a few photos of these spritely orbs.

Technically, most photographed orbs are probably just light reflected off insects, dust, or moisture in the air when the camera captured the image. That may be so on one level however how much more fun is it to believe that our loved ones are lettings us know they are around us.


The Mandala Lady

btw…In my original pour of this “happening” (ink pour), I used dandelion leaves as a resist. I found out from ”AtoZFlowers.com” the symbolism for a dandelion:

“Dandelion generally symbolizes happiness, joy and youthful thoughts, but can also symbolize health, power, perseverance, endurance and determination. It’s also said to represent the sun’s power, good wishes, hope and prosperity.“

Here’s what I started with today…


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