22-068 Open Heart

Today’s Mandala
Open Heart

“Let your broken heart
create an open heart.”

— Rick Warren

“I’ve learned that whenever I decide
something with an open heart,
I usually make the right decision.”

— Maya Angelou

“Until we can receive with an open heart,
we are never really giving
with an open heart.”

— Brené Brown

Today’s MotD reminds us that an open heart has more room to give and receive love than a closed one. We may think we’re protecting our hearts by keeping them closed however, in the long run, it creates more pain and suffering because the heart becomes more of a fearful watch dog who sees everything and everyone as a potential threat rather than an opportunity for love and/or joy.

Some ways to connect with our hearts: Tune into the heart’s rhythm with our breathing. Massage the heart by humming so as to feel the vibration within our heart center. And if so inclined, deep sobbing sessions can massage the heart even further.

Be still and open our hearts.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this…

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