22-148 Explore

Today’s Mandala

“For me, exploration is about
that journey to the interior,
into your own heart.
I’m always wondering,
how will I act at my moment of truth?
Will I rise up and do what’s right,
even if every fiber of my being
is telling me otherwise?”

— Ann Bancroft

“Exploration is really the essence
of the human spirit.”

— Frank Borman

“Everything about your life,
about your body, grows!
Your cells regenerate; your hair, your nails,
everything grows for your entire life.
And your soul needs
exploration and growth.
And the only way you’ll get it
is by forcing yourself to be uncomfortable.
Forcing yourself to get outside,
out of your head.”

— Mel Robbins

Today’s MotD invites (maybe even dares us) to be willing to explore our inner world; the world of our thoughts, beliefs, conditionings, fears, emotions…all of it. Some may even call it exploring our shadow self. Are we up for the challenge? Why is it a challenge? Because we think we’re okay and because we’re become comfortable with the status quo, feeling like everything is fine. Yeah sure there may be some things here and there that could use some tweaking, but we’re okay aren’t we? Are we willing to find out?

Why do it? Well because it’s in there where we will find our authentic self, hidden behind veils and veils of illusions disguised as truth. Like Mel Robbins says, we have to be willing to get uncomfortable, to release ourselves of these veils, to come out the other side more free than we’ve ever been, seeing everything in a new light, where everything and anything is possible. And because Joy can be found there.


The Mandala Lady

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