22-159 Ceremony

Today’s Mandala

The real ceremony begins
where the formal one ends,
when we take up a new way,
our minds and hearts filled
with the vision of earth
that holds us within it,
in compassionate relationship
to and with our world.

— Linda Hogan

“Ritual and ceremony
are powerful bonding tools.
They result in a sense of community,
a feeling of unity far beyond
what you might expect.”

— Del Suggs

“Ceremony may be self-derived,
it may come from vision,
it may be given by a teacher,
it may be cultural.
But from all sources
it has the same underlying root.
It is a process
in which the human capacity
for sacred feeling and reverence
is given form and expression.”

— Stephen Harrod Buhner

Today’s MotD invites us to explore the idea of ceremony, either with a group of people or by oneself. It gives us the opportunity to form a sacred connection with others when done in a group. It gives us the opportunity to form a sacred connection within ourselves when done alone.

While we may feel like having a big fancy ceremony makes it more special, the truth is, it really only needs to be a mindful moment of gratitude and celebration. Even something as mundane as brushing our teeth can be an opportunity for ceremony. In morning we can be grateful that we’re alive for one more day. In the evening we can be grateful for what transpired during the day.

The bottom line is that ceremony gives us the opportunity to make any moment sacred.


The Mandala Lady

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