22-203 Tangible

Today’s Mandala

“The intangible represents
the real power of the universe.
It is the seed of the tangible.”

— Bruce Lee

“All things manifesting
in the lower worlds exist first
in the intangible rings
of the upper spheres, so that creation is, in truth, the process of making
tangible the intangible
by extending the intangible
into various vibratory rates.”

Manly P. Hall

“Thoughts and ideas are not phantoms.
They are real things.
Although intangible and immaterial,
they are factors in bringing about
changes in the realm of
tangible and material things.”

Ludwig Von Mises

Today’s MotD reminds us that we have the power to make the intangible tangible. The creation of today’s MotD is the result of such a process. I started by connecting with the energy of the mandala that it waiting to come into form. I look down at the paper and allow it to “show me” the beginning of itself. When I ”see” where to start, I just start drawing and it just seems to enfold, line by line until it feels like it’s done.

We are encouraged to incorporate this process whenever we’re working on a project (home, work, self, play, etc). It benefits us greatly to take a moment to connect with the energy of that which we are about to make tangible. Then allow it to come forward in whatever way it wants to come forward. If new to this type of process, it might be best to start with simpler projects to build up your confidence.

For instance if you want to make a cake. Connect with the energy of the cake you are about to make. Then mindfully go about making it, noticing along the way any ideas that just seem to ”pop” into your head…trust it and watch what happens. (ie: “oh, how about adding chocolate chips to the batter”, or “I have a lemon…I could add some zest”, or “I could use peanut butter and jelly between the cake layers”).

Then we take the time to co-create with the intangible that wants to become tangible…magic happens.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:

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