22-204 Options

Today’s Mandala

In life you have three options
with any situation that is a challenge.
Remove yourself from the situation, change it,
or accept it.”

— Phil Mcgraw

“There are two primary choices in life:
to accept conditions as they exist,
or accept the responsibility
for changing them.”

— Denis Waitley

“You have as many options
as you give yourself.” 

— Kasie West

Today’s MotD reminds us that we always have options; that’s especially true for those who have trouble seeing their options. When we limit our options we potentially move into victim mode, and once in victim mode we limit our options even further, spiraling ourselves away from our power.

Years ago one particular job irritated the heck out of me and I complained to one of my coworkers. She said, ”well then quit.” “I can’t quit” I said, ”I need this job.” (Without realizing it I had set myself up to be a victim of the job). Being the wise person that she was she suggested “When you get up in the morning remind yourself of your two options: you can go into work or you can stay home. Make a conscious choice between the two (or come up with some other ones). The caveat is that you must take full responsibility for your choice…actions have consequences.”

By following her advice it made it so that instead of feeling like I _have_ to go to work (victim), it empowered me (I’m in control) to make the choice to go into work…or not. Then while at the job, my noticed that my attitude changed because I had made the choice to be there. I had a whole new outlook on it. Not long after that, I was promoted to a new and better job.

We are encouraged to be aware of any and all options in any given moment. And rather than feel that we are the victims of our situation(s), knowing our options (and consciously choosing) empowers us, which in time creates even more and better options.


The Mandala Lady

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