22-208 Lucky

Today’s Mandala

“Luck is where
opportunity meets preparation.”

— Seneca

“The amount of good luck
coming your way depends
on your willingness to act.”

— Barbara Sher

“Luck always favours the brave.
And you must remember that
brave are the people
who follow their heart;
brave are the people
who take chances in life.”

— Preity Zinta

Today’s MotD reminds us that we make our own luck when we begin moving in the direction of our goal(s), dream(s). Then what looks like a lucky break is actually the Universe giving us a helping hand because It sees we’re serious about our efforts.

Our challenge becomes recognizing when these ”lucky breaks” appear and, more importantly, bravely going forward with it even though “fear” may tell us not to.

“It’s not brave if you’re not scared.”

— Abby from the movie ”Bounce”


The Mandala Lady

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