22-207 Generator

Today’s Mandala

“We wind
a simple ring of iron with coils;
we establish
the connections to the generator,
and with wonder and delight
we note the effects of strange forces
which we bring into play,
which allow us to transform,
to transmit and
direct energy at will.”

— Nikola Tesla

“Two types of leaders:
there are thinkers
and there are doers.
Some are idea generators
and others are the implementers.”

— Gary Rohrmayer

“Let your ideas and thoughts
give you inspiration.
All creativity
comes from your imagination
– you first imagine
and then you create.”

— Catherine Pulsifer

Today’s MotD reminds us that we are idea generators…we can generate negative as well as positive. When we take the time to go within, to daydream, to night dream, that’s when thoughts, ideas, and/or solutions come to mind. Another source is being mindfully present to our day-to-day life for all manner of inspiration…especially for ”outside the box“ ideas.

Our first challenge becomes recognizing those that are positive (of the Light), from a higher source. Our second challenge is following through on said ideas.

For the first challenge, develop a practice that helps us tune into our body, mind, and/or spirit’s reaction to an idea that ”pops” into our conscious mind. Body signs such as goose bumps, quick shivers, or the feeling of expansion in our heart area are usually good indicators of a ”yes”. A feeling of dread, shrinking, or gut tightening can usually indicate a ”no”. The more we practice tuning in, the easier it becomes to determine ”nos” versus ”yeses”.

For the second challenge, some form of fear is the greatest inhibitor of ”follow through”. The greater the idea, the greater the fear. We are advised to take things in steps. If for instance the “great idea” is to write a book and it totally overwhelms, then start by working on it for 15 minutes a day (or less). The daily practice is the more important habit than the amount of time. Remember: slow and steady wins the race.

At our core, we all are wired to create, expand, and generate ideas (projects, solutions, etc.) for the betterment of ourselves and others in some way, shape, or form. We are encouraged to embrace and lovingly work with our Divine Inner Generator.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this (the image color is off in this one, the ”after” image above is a closer match to the original piece)


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