22-246 Moonglow

Today’s Mandala

“And the Moon said to me —
My Darling,
you do not have to be whole
in order to shine.”

— Nicole McElhaney

“I am like the heaven,
like the moon,
like a candle by your glow;
I am all reason, all love,
all soul, by your soul.”

— Rumi

“If the Sun and Moon
should ever doubt,
they’d immediately go out.”

— William Blake

Today’s MotD inspires us to allow our Light shine with a soft effervescent glow, every so gently radiating outward, enlightening all far and wide. And amazingly all it requires of us is to just be in the presence of who we really are and doing what we love to do…the rest just happens automatically.

Also, there’s a time and a place for boldness, when we must shine brightly to be seen above the fray, which can be harsh and/or blinding. Most times though, the soft gentle glow of our Light, eases the journey out of the darkness giving us a glimpse and access to the mystical, magical realm…a lovely place to behold.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this & “shimmer” views:


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