22-283 Grace

Today’s Mandala

“Gracefulness has been defined
to be the outward expression
of the inward harmony of the soul.”

— William Hazlett

“Grace is the beauty of form
under the influence of freedom.”

— Friedrich Schiller

“Always have humility when you create
and grace when you succeed,
because it’s not about you.
You are a terminal for a higher power.
As soon as you accept that,
you can do it forever.”

— Quincy Jones

Today’s MotD inspires us to regularly return to our natural state of grace which includes any and all of these aspects: peace, calmness, love, bliss, light, sound, energy, and wisdom. From this higher realm of being, we can more readily go about our lives with ease, be more in the flow of what is, and be more likely to receive divine guidance as to how best to move forward.

Our challenge becomes remembering that all we need do is remove the veils of illusion (delusion) that block the direct access to our inner home state of grace.

For more insight regarding the state of grace, check out this article from the Huffington Post by Anne Naylor: “Can an Ordinary Person Enjoy a State of Grace”.

“As a divine being, a Soul,
you bring spiritual light
and love into this world.
You create a space
for grace to be in your life.”

— Dr. John-Roger


The Mandala Lady

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