22-293 Choose

Today’s Mandala

“Today I choose life.
Every morning when I wake up
I can choose joy, happiness,
negativity, pain…
To feel the freedom that comes
from being able to continue
to make mistakes and choices –
today I choose to feel life,
not to deny my humanity
but embrace it.”

— Kevyn Aucoin

“Every human has four endowments
– self awareness, conscience,
independent will
and creative imagination.
These give us
the ultimate human freedom…
The power to choose,
to respond, to change.”

— Stephen Covey

“You don’t get to choose
how you’re going to die, or when.
You can only decide
how you’re going to live. Now.”

— Joan Baez

Today’s MotD reminds us that in any given moment we get to choose how we want to feel, how we want to be, what we want to do, and how we want to think. Our challenge becomes remembering that, otherwise we tend to operate in default (automatic, reflex) mode.

When we forget that we have this power, we tend to fall back on victim mode; seeing events as happening to us. When we remember that we do have this power, we tend to create more options for ourselves. Even if our options are limited, just the mere fact that we are choosing an option puts us in self-power mode versus victim mode…because we chose it.

And the bonus benefit of this power is that we can alway choose again.

“We have the power to choose.”

— Pahla B.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:

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