22-292 Serenity

Today’s Mandala

“Every breath we take,
every step we make,
can be filled with
peace, joy and serenity.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

“To become mindfully aware
of our surroundings
is to bring our thinking
back to our present moment reality
and to the possibility
of some semblance of serenity
in the face of circumstances
outside our ability to control.”

— Jeff Kober

“We are not
going to change the whole world,
but we can change ourselves
and feel free as birds.
We can be serene
even in the midst of calamities and,
by our serenity,
make others more tranquil.
Serenity is contagious.
If we smile at someone,
he or she will smile back.
And a smile costs nothing.
We should plague everyone with joy.
If we are to die in a minute,
why not die happily, laughing?”

— Sri S. Satchidananda

Today’s MotD reminds us that peace, like happiness, is an inside job. If we truly want peace in the world, we must look within to uncover areas inside of ourselves that are in need of peace. Our challenge becomes: are we ready, willing, and able to take that journey inward.

One creative way is to color mandalas while setting an intention to gain insight into these areas that are lacking in peace. As we color we can ask these different areas within us what message they have for us as to why they are resistant to peace. It could be that by being resistant it’s trying to get our attention so we can receive its healing message.

Here are some other options to explore:

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  2. From TinyBuddha.com: 8 Things to Do if you Want to be at Peace with Yourself
  3. From TheJoyWithin.org: How to be at Peace with Yourself


The Mandala Lady

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