22-294 Jewel

Today’s Mandala

“Precious jewel, you glow, you shine,
reflecting all the good things
in the world.
Just look at yourself.”

— Maya Angelou

“There are three things extremely hard:
steel, a diamond,
and to know one’s self.”

— Benjamin Franklin

“In the end
only kindness matters.”

— Jewel

Today’s MotD reminds us that each one of us is a jewel in our own right. The gifts we have to offer are like precious gems that shine brightest when share them with the world. Our challenge becomes recognizing our precious jewel-ness, our value, our sparkle.

From life coach Johanna Schram and her post on TinyBuddha.com entitled Accept and Value Yourself, she states “We don’t have to wallow in self-hatred, but leaping straight to self-love can feel impossible. Instead, we can make small shifts and adopt simple practices to help us learn to accept and value who we are right now, even as we continue to change and grow.

Some of the 11 ways she offers (in more detail) on how to do this are:

  1. Allow yourself to be a work in progress
  2. Be curious about who you are
  3. Chat with your inner critic
  4. Feel all of your emotions
  5. Compile evidence

As we continue to change and grow, we are encouraged to be kind to ourselves, make time for fun/play, and know that it’s okay to feel good about ourselves.

“The most precious jewels
are not made of stone,
but of flesh.”

— Robert Ludlum


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this (apologies for the poor photo quality):


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