22-301 Receiving

Today’s Mandala

“There is something that happens
when you are grateful:
You continue to keep
receiving blessings.
So I will always be grateful.”

— Chrissy Metz

“Until we can receive with an open heart,
we’re never really giving
with an open heart.
When we attach judgment
to receiving help,
we knowingly or unknowingly
attach judgment to giving help.”

— Brené Brown

There is generosity in giving,
but gentleness in receiving.”

— Freya Stark

Today’s MotD reminds us that we are worthy of receiving: help, kindness, gifts, support, compliments, and most importantly…we are worthy of receiving love. Our challenge becomes being willing and able to receive gracefully and gratefully rather than with resistance or rejection.

From a post on TinyBuddha.com by Janice L. Pascual entitled “How to Receive Gratefully Instead of Rejecting Kindness she states one of the key things that happens when we reject receiving is “we rob the givers’ chance to experience the joy of giving.” She offers some reasons why receiving is difficult and ways to make it easier:

  1. Check what kind of judgment you have when you give…those are the very same judgments you project onto your giver when you are the recipient.
  2. You constantly feel like you’re imposing…It’s not true, though. More often than not, people want to make you happy.
  3. You feel indebted all the time…Being grateful and giving back is much healthier.
  4. You assume they were just being nice…more often than that, people are really sincere.
  5. You feel like you’re not deserving…It isn’t humility. It’s actually denial.

“A balance of giving
and receiving is essential
to keeping your energy,
mood and motivation
at a consistently high level.”

— Doreen Virtue


The Mandala Lady

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