22-302 Majestic

Today’s Mandala

“You are the most rare &
majestic you there ever was
and ever will be.”

— Jenna Marbles

“Silence is the element
in which great things
fashion themselves together;
that at length they may emerge,
full-formed and majestic,
into the delight of life,
which they are thenceforth to rule.”

— Thomas Carlyle

“Truth is majestic and sweet.
In the world
there is no other savior
but the truth.”

— Buddha

Today’s MotD reminds us that we are all majestic beings and it behooves us to treat each other as such. Our challenge becomes recognizing it in ourselves. We can do that by going within and allowing ourselves to see the Truth of our majesty. BTW…Majestic is defined as “having or displaying great dignity or nobility.” Until we can see that or feel that within, we can act if we are majestic beings…how would a majestic being behave, what would they do, what would they say?

Our other challenge becomes being able to see past the often-times-negative facade of others, a way that blocks their majesty. One way we can do that is to imagine that we are all just playing a role, some consciously, some not so consciously. And just because we acknowledge the majesty deep within them doesn’t mean we’re obligated to be around them. It just means that “we see them”, we recognize the role they are playing, but we can choose to play a different part, a different play.

We are encouraged to be the noble beings that we are meant to be in human form.


The Mandala Lady

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