22-303 Starfish

Today’s Mandala

“Our hearts are like starfish,
regenerating what we’ve lost.
We move forward, regroup, reconfigure;
people find ways to be happy.”

— Lauren Fox

“In the world of symbolism,
Starfish illustrates the axiom
“as above, so below” perfectly,
looking like the stars above.”


“The starfish spirit animal teaches you
to cure yourself over time,
fill up the void, and replace it
with something better.
It symbolizes regeneration,
renewal, and self-sustainability.”


Today’s MotD inspires us to embrace some of the qualities of the Starfish: Balance, Compromise, Divine Love, Empathy, Feelings, Healing, Inspiration, Psychic Instincts, Rejuvenation, Regeneration. And that in any given moment we can regenerate, reawaken, renew, and revitalize our lives.

Our challenge becomes thinking that where we are right now is where we’ll be in the future. With the power of free will and choice, we can change our future by making changes today…even the smallest of changes now can make for the biggest differences later.


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this:


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