22-305 Horizon

Today’s Mandala

“Look to the horizon,
spread your wings,
and fly.”

— Tom Reilly

“When our inner vision opens,
our horizons expand.”

— Louise Hay

“Pick a star
on the dark horizon
and follow the light.”

— Regina Spektor

Today’s MotD inspires us to broaden our horizons, push the envelope, get out of our comfort zone. We gain nothing by staying in place. It may seem like it’s comfortable there but the reality is that deep within us there’s an Inner Knowing that’s tugging at us, giving us a sense, an inkling, that there’s more to be learned, experience, and share. The more we do, the more enriching opportunities present themselves.

Our challenge becomes recognizing the difference between giving ourselves a break, some much needed down time versus resting on our laurels, staying in place because it’s easier than charting new territory. We are encouraged to take advantage of the time we have left and to make the most of our lives on this planet. It will be fun for us and an inspiration to others.

If you’re looking for some ideas Crystal Crowder offers up 15 Ways to Broaden Your Horizons

“I fall, I stand still…
I trudge on. I gain a little…
I get more eager
and climb higher
and begin to see
the widening horizon.
Every struggle is a victory.”

— Helen Keller


The Mandala Lady

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