22-330 Open-Minded

Today’s Mandala

“Until the mind is open,
the heart stays closed.
The open mind
is the key to the open heart.”

— Byron Katie

“Open-minded people
tend to be interested in Buddhism
because Buddha urged people
to investigate things –
he didn’t just command them
to believe.”

— Dalai Lama

“An open mind is not an end in itself
but a means to the end of finding truth.”

— Peter Kreeft

Today’s MotD encourages us to embrace the state of open-mindedness. When closed, it keeps us from knowing the truth about any given person or situation. Yes, it’s challenging especially when we harbor strong beliefs (which btw…are just strong opinions not necessary based on facts.) This requires us to accept the fact that we may not be as open-minded as we think.

Our challenge becomes being able to ask ourselves: am I open to changing my mind? Our minds change with the presentation of new evidence to the contrary of what we formerly believed to be true. While we can talk about this as it relates to other people or issues in society, how about as it relates to us internally…our beliefs about ourselves.

From Unconventionalroute.com they offer some exercises to help us open our minds in general. For our internal beliefs, Byron Katies “The Work”: Four Liberating Questions offers a simple open-minded approach for getting at our truth.

“A mind is like a parachute.
It doesn’t work if it isn’t open.”

— Frank Zappa


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this and a shimmer view:


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