22-339 Aura

Today’s Mandala

“The aura given out
by a person or object
is as much a part of them
as their flesh.”

— Lucian Freud

‘”Aura’ is what one reflects in the heart,
what you bring into the world,
and what people want to learn from you.”

— Ozuna

“All of us have an aura,
a body of energy linked
to different planes of awareness.
Some have the ability
to access more planes of awareness
than others because of past lives,
because of practice in this life.”

— Frederick Lenz

Today’s MotD reminds us that we all have an aura, an energy about us that reflects our inner most being-ness. “As human beings, we radiate a very low level of electricity that’s otherwise known as an electromagnetic field,” says Christina Lonsdale, of Radiant Human. From Healthline.com about auras: “One way to think of auras is as the energy that someone around you emits. Some people make you nervous; others relax you. This, in some ways, could be seen as a reaction to the energy they radiate.

Regardless of what we say or do, our auric energy reflects our truth. It’s that energy that draws us to other people or repels us. Without awareness, we tend to brush it off or not notice it. While it’s awesome to be able to see auras, it’s more important that we sense them, which can be done with mindfulness, paying attention to our body’s reaction to the energies around us.

Along with being aware of the energies radiating from others, it’s equally important to be aware of the energies we project. This requires inner work on our part. Our challenge becomes being more attentive and aware of our energies. What are we projecting? What’s blocking our energy? What self-care is needed to improve our aura? Do we need to strengthen it?

For help with today’s MotD message, Madhu Kotiya of TheAsianAge.com offers ways to Strengthen our Auras, such as deep breathing, being in nature, and giving ourselves alone time. And from Diya SenGupta at BodyMindGreen.com she offers 4 Techniques to Ground, Heal, & Balance Your Energy Levels.

“If we are spirits
having a human experience,
then it is this frequency of spirit
which vibrates and creates
an energetic field
around the human body.”

— from Gaia.com


The Mandala Lady

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