22-341 Follow Your Heart

Today’s Mandala
Follow Your Heart

“I always believed
that when you follow your heart
or your gut,
when you really follow
the things that feel great to you,
you can never lose,
because settling
is the worst feeling
in the world.”

— Rihanna

“All I can tell you really is
if you get to the point
where someone is telling you
that you are not great
or not good enough,
just follow your heart
and don’t let anybody
crush your dream.”

— Patti LaBelle

“Everyone wants to belong,
or be a part of something
bigger than themselves,
but it’s important
to follow your heart
and be true to yourself
in the process.”

— Emily Giffin

Today’s MotD reminds us to follow our hearts. Yes, it’s also important to include our minds in the process. Just remember that the heart is the driving force (the energy, the idea, the spark) while the mind is the one that does the follow-through (takes the action, makes it happen, brings it into form).

Our challenge becomes recognizing the roles our hearts and minds play and how best to work with them equally and to their fullest potential. Too often we let our fearful mind cloud our heart’s desire with limiting beliefs and the like, leaving our hearts out of the picture. If we want to create something that excites us (our heart’s desire), then we need to do what we can to convince our minds (ego, fearful self) that moving forward is a good thing, or better yet, a great thing.

From Paulo Coelho: “As soon as you follow your heart, your life will be filled with miracles.” 

For those of us who could use some help in, Rubin of HappyRubin.com offers some tips on how to listen to your heart.

“Listen to advice,
but follow your heart.”

— Conway Twitty


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this and a shimmer view:


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