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Today’s Mandala

“You never really understand a person
until you consider things
from [their] point of view.”

— Harper Lee

“When you really listen
to another person
from their point of view,
and reflect back to them
that understanding,
it’s like giving them
emotional oxygen.”

— Stephen Covey

“Once you have accepted yourself,
it’s so much easier
to accept other people
and their points of view.”

— Zig Ziglar

Today’s MotD reminds us to change our point of view from time to time. Broadening our perspective gives us new insights into people/places/things we took for granted, people/places/things we were unaware of, and people/places/things we misunderstood.

Our challenge becomes learning how to accept ourselves and acknowledging that most (if not all) of our points of view are subjective (opinions, beliefs) — based on what we understand to be true from our perspective.

We are encouraged to widen our perspective, change up our points of view, and open up to new ideas. When we limit ourselves, we limit our possibilities for growth, we limit our access to opportunities that can take us to whole new levels of existence.

Widening your perspective
will give you valuable insight,
increase your ability to understand
the reality around you,
and give you a better understanding
for truth.



The Mandala Lady

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