22-343 Grounded

Today’s Mandala

“Keep your feet on the ground
and keep reaching for the stars.”

— Casey Kasem

Flying starts from the ground.
The more grounded you are,
the higher you fly.

— J. R. Rim

Be like a tree.
Stay grounded.
Connect with your roots.
Turn over a new leaf.
Bend before you break.
Enjoy your unique natural beauty.
Keep growing.

— Joanne Raptis

Today’s MotD reminds us to stay grounded while reaching for the stars. What does it mean to be grounded? According to author Michael Daniels in his book, Shadow, Self, Spirit (2005), groundedness refers to “a sense of being fully embodied, whole, centered and balanced in ourselves and our relationshipswith an experience of clarity, wholeness, ‘rightness’ and harmony.”  In essence, it’s about being present in the moment, fully aware and in control of self.

Without this sense of groundedness we may find ourselves being easily influenced by people and circumstances around us rather than focused on what we want to do or create. We may find ourselves lacking in confidence and confused as to what to do or where to go, as if we lost our sense of direction. We may find that we are passively watching our lives go by, rather than living with intent and activity.

Lachlan Brown of HackSpirit.com offers 35 grounding techniques (along with ways to recognize when we are ungrounded physically, emotionally, and spiritually). From his post he states, “The main focus of the grounding exercises … will be to”:

  • Calm your emotions
  • Clear your mind
  • Stop overthinking
  • Live in the present moment without judgment

The one who remained grounded
is the one who reached heights.”

— AnShii


The Mandala Lady

btw…started with this and shimmer view:


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