23-097 Practice, Practice, Practice #6

Today’s Mandala Message: Be Willing

This week I’m working through Principle #16 from Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” entitled “Be Willing to Pay the Price”. I set my intention today to ponder the idea of being willing. I find that for some things I am perfectly willing, and for others I am not. When I look more closely at the “I am not” reply, it usually means that I dont’ care enough, or rather that I am not willing to do what it takes.

When I was doing art fairs and metaphysical fairs more regularly, people would offer up suggestions to me such as: “Oh, you could do these as stained glass windows”…or…”You could make quilts” …or…”These would make great for tatoo-ing”. I usually offer a polite reply such as “You’re right that would be a great idea” … or …”Thank you for suggesting that, I’ll look into it”. In the end when I ponder these types of suggestions—all valid and appreciated by the way—I know deep in my heart that if I really wanted to make quilts, stained glass windows, or do tattoos and such, I would be willing to do what it takes to make that happen…but I’m not because the thought of pursuing those ideas in particular, do not spark joy.

I am willing to color my mandalas of the day because they are fun to do (mostly…some of it is tedious…which actually becomes more of a meditation). On my list of goals, I know that I’m more willing to some than others. Right now, I’m willing and am now working on at least three of my listed goals so far this year.

btw…since I didn’t record the coloring of this mandala, I wanted you to know that I started from the opposite direction than yesterday’s coloring: I started from the center and worked my way out.

So how about you? With regard to your goal(s)…are you ready?…are you able?…are you willing?

“Dreams can become a reality
when we possess a vision
that is characterized by
the willingness to work hard,
a desire for excellence,
and a belief in our right
and our responsiblity
to be equal members of society.”

— Janet Jackson


The Mandala Lady
All Things Mandalas

An Invitation

I invite you to color along with me this year as part of what I’m calling “The Year of Self-Exploration and Expansion” with all of my “Mandalas of the ___” (day, weekmonthyear). If you’re interested in more of a self-exploration approach to coloring, check out my “Coloring Mandalas as Meditation”. You can download this mandala at MandalaoftheWeek.com.


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