The Dance by Jeff Hess

337 – The Dance Mandala

I present to you another extraordinary local (to me) artist, Jeff Hess, who creates thought provoking, experiential art such as this one in which he captures light, spots of color, and water in action forming an instant in time where we see many mandalas in the making…either going into, out of, or just right into a circular shape. What an amazing image!

Katy LaReau's Garden Art

271 – Fun Glass Mandalas

Glass and Metal artist, Katy LaReau, created these delightfully whimsical garden art pieces that I had the pleasure of seeing in person yesterday at the annual Corvallis Fall Festival in Corvallis, Oregon. If you’re ever in Oregon towards the end of September, I highly recommend visiting wonderful art and music festival.

Mystery Mandala - photo by Jeff Hess

110 – Mystery Mandala

Oregon artist, Jeff Hess, likes for people to experience his art/photography without actually knowing what it is or what’s going on. I found this out when I asked him for more information about this object that I found as part of his “In Pursuit of Gravity” collection. He’d rather we enjoy it instead of trying to figure it out.