135 – Hub Mandala

Hub Mandala by Virginia Fleck
Hub Mandala by Virginia Fleck

Artist Virginia Fleck created this mandala masterpiece with two things: plastic bags and tape. Normally we would just see them as an eyesore and toss them in the trash. Virginia, on the other hand, saw their potential and created a whole series of plastic bag mandalas.

From her artist statement she states:

In 2002 Virginia Fleck began experimenting with plastic bags as an art material. Initially, she found them interesting because they are colorful, light weight, and plentiful. Once she had cut and flattened dozens of them, she began to notice a tone to the “chatter” printed on the bags, which ranged from amusing to disturbing. The bags seemed to tell the story of our times in visual sound-bites delivered by the logos and slogans.

The colors and patterns from the bags she used for this piece make for a beautiful, almost abstract painting. Along with creating the multiple sliced background of different bags, she also cut out a variety of circles that seem to float above the piece, bringing a connection between the two. I appreciate her wonderful range of lights and darks, making it interesting and giving it contrast.

What an inspiration!

Happy Coloring!

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