294 – Alhambra Mandala

Alhambra Mandala by Saffi
Alhambra Mandala by Saffi

From Saffi, of Saffi Land, we have this beautiful neutral-colored mandala which she created based on a picture of a beautiful carved wall tile from the Alhambra Palace in Spain. I love how Saffi took a very complex image and turned it into a delicate mandala, making it more soothing with the warm earthy colors.

I appreciate what she says about herself:

I’m a working mum with three children in their teens/early twenties. I have a long suffering husband who knows that once I start reading a book, drawing zentangle or designing mandalas then he’s on his own.

I feel the same way when I get going on a mandala.

The Alhambra Palace is one of my top 5 places I want (HAVE) to visit. I would love to stay there for at least a month to fully absorb all the patterns and colors throughout all the buildings and grounds. I’m inspired by MC Escher’s stay from an article about him on The Fountain:

Escher’s 1922 visit to the Alhambra Palace in Spain was the turning point in his life. He was fascinated and inspired by the spiritual significance of the tile work at the palace, and Islamic patterns played a key role in transforming his art.

What inspires you?

Happy Coloring!

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