2016-011 – Sundara Mandala

Sundara Doodle Painting by Courtney Autumn Martin
Sundara Doodle Painting by Courtney Autumn Martin
9″ x 13″ – watercolor, ink, watercolor paper, colored pencil

This week’s MotD theme: Skyscapes

Children’s book illustrator, artist, and designer, Courtney Autumn Martin, created this delightful mixed media skyscape…and look at all of those mandalas!!! If you look closely at it, you’ll notice that over 90% of the painting consists of various forms of circular shapes. Awesome!

And how about those colors! Her joyful painting reminds us to let go of worrying about what colors to use…to let go of the idea of “right” or “wrong” choices…just play with them!

About her doodle paintings, she states:

I never know how a piece will turn out because they are 100% unplanned. I simply start drawing. One shape leads to another, my mind wanders, and unconscious compositions begin to emerge. Intuition and subconscious decision making take control and I just draw whatever my hand wants to draw. I lose sense of myself and enter into a highly meditative flow. Hours easily pass without sensing time.

Check out more of her enchanting doodle paintings in her online gallery and in her etsy shop.

Inspiration For Today

Courtney’s whimsical painting inspires us to doodle at a whole new level; just put a bunch of circular shapes to paper and then add some colors, allowing us to lose ourselves in the creative process of doodling. Yes, that’s right! we’re being given permission to doodle!

Happy Coloring!

If you would want your mandala or your idea for a mandala to be considered for the “Mandala of the Day”, read about how on the Participate page. It’s easy! Or recommend one you’ve seen via my Contact page.


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