2017-166: X-cellence Mandala in Color

X-cellenceMandala in Color by me (Maureen Frank)
X-cellenceMandala in Color by me (Maureen Frank)

This week’s theme:  X-cellence

I present my coloring/painting of this week’s Mandala of the Week: X-cellence (from Sunday’s MotD post). Prior to painting this version of X-cellence, I could see the “Om” symbol in the center ring. In the end, it turned into a powerful painting that just vibrates with energy.

By using lighter and darker colors of blues and greens, I could create a more 3-dimensional look to the “x” structures. With the yellow to orange gradient background, it makes the whole “x” design seem like it’s glowing from behind. Using the gold on top of the purple gives the center a very sacred feel to it. Purple and gold are often associated with the crown chakra, and purple and yellow are considered complementary colors.

About the Om symbol from YogaApproved:

With its roots in Hinduism, the Om symbol is said to represent the one-ness of all creation, including the heavens, earth and underworld. Others say it is the representation of the three Hindu gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Some say the actual shape of the symbol represents the syllables of the word: the ‘three’ being the Sanskrit letter for ‘aahh’, the small ‘s’ is the ‘oooh’ and the half moon at the top is the ‘mmm’ sound.

I used Liquitex, M. Graham, and Golden acrylic paints, with Golden gold metallic.

Soon I’ll be posting images of my progress through this painting on my ArtProgressions.com blog site.

Inspiration for Today

“I want people to be inspired that I’ve always strived for excellence and I’ve always gone beyond what anybody ever thought I could do, what I thought I myself could do. And I’ve allowed myself to be inspired, kept my eyes open and my senses open to inspiration around me.” ~ Clara Hughes

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen

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